For universities & researchers

With diverse technical backgrounds, our Attorneys are up to date and ready to help you navigate the world of IP.

HIPs Patent Attorneys have highly specialised qualifications in many varied branches of science and engineering so that we can understand and work with the latest advances of academia and then work with you to help translate these concepts into commercial products.

Halfords, research organisations and universities

Working with academics, students & researchers… Halfords IP Attorneys have considerable experience working with universities and public research organisations, including postgraduate students and academics.

Patent ‘and’ Publish… We understand that, in the university and research organisation environment, there is a competing pressure between the tradition of publishing papers for peer recognition of important research work, and, the more recent commercial needs to secure IP protection so as to be able to monetize an invention and thereby attract ongoing funding.

We can work with academics and students to ensure that Patent applications are filed at the appropriate time whilst fitting in with the publication of the research papers in the appropriate technical or academic journals. That is, we will work with you to ensure that you both publish ‘and’ patent the inventive research.

Technology transfer and  IP monetisation… Halfords IP Attorneys have considerable experience in working with the commercial arms of universities and research organisations, to evolve the research ideas of academics, PhD and other postgraduate students into patentable inventions so they have the appropriate commercial focus to maximise funding and income from commercial partners.

State of the art searching… Our Attorneys can support academics, students, and researchers in conducting searches of Patent records to ascertain the state of the art of any technology area.

This may assist in determining concurrent research by other universities or research organisations, such that work is not duplicated, and also, assist in identifying potential commercial partners who may be active in filing Patent applications in a related area.

IP Seminars and Workshops… Halfords IP Attorneys can provide IP seminars or workshops to universities and other educational institutions, to educate your staff and students about IP.

We can arrange implementation of a structured process for academics, students and/or researchers to follow if the feel they may have a patentable invention, such that they obtain the appropriate advice of a Patent Attorney at the appropriate time.

Inventorship/Ownership determinations… Halfords IP Attorneys are experienced in conducting inventorship determinations so that the correct inventors are named when seeking Patent rights. 

We also have experience advising on ownership of IP rights created within the university environment, both on behalf of the university and also on behalf of PhD and other students.

IP portfolio management… Halfords IP Attorneys are experienced in managing the IP portfolios of various universities and research organisations. We can assist at any desired level, including providing complete IP portfolio management, providing forecasts of anticipated IP costs throughout the life-cycle of the Patent, the management of Patent renewal fees, etc.