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Geoff Davidson


Geoff graduated from the University of Newcastle with a B.E. in Chemical Engineering in 1986.  After a short time at the Australian Patent Office, he moved to the Sydney firm Arthur S. Cave & Co., working primarily in the field of chemical/ pharmaceutical patents.  He joined Halford & Co. in 1989 and joined Graham Halford in partnership in the firm in 1998.

Geoff is registered as both a Patent Attorney and Trade Marks Attorney in Australia and is also registered to practice in New Zealand.  He maintains a mixed practice of mechanical and chemical patent work, medical technology and trade marks.

Geoff's professional interests include raising awareness within the business community of the importance of intellectual property.  Outside work, he enjoys sport, music, trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to stay fit, and in his ' spare ' time Geoff is involved with a bushland regeneration project and an animal welfare charity which finds new homes for dogs from animal shelters .

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